United Sodas of America

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Made-in-America sodas with unconventional flavours, including toasted coconut and strawberry basil.

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Brooklyn, New York
Marisa Zupan
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United Sodas of America

United Sodas of America Reviews

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LuxuryHigh qualityCool look & feelTasty 😋Fun unboxing 📦
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22 days ago

A few flavors were standouts while the rest felt like poor knock-offs of what it should taste like. I understand that you have to sacrifice some quality/taste to create a healthier product; I was just personally unsatisfied with some flavor pairings.


- Improved flavor profile

Fun unboxing 📦Cool look & feelHigh qualityLuxury
2 months ago

Does not taste good; love the mission + branding though + the female founder seems very smart. I think the key to nail with a soda replacement is that it needs to taste really, really good.



3 months ago

I picked these up cause they were on sale and looked cute on the shelf. While I did love the peachy keen flavor, it was lacking in carbonation and another can I tried the following day (elderflower) was more carbonated.


Inconsistent carbonation and mostly artificial flavors

3 months ago

Super mediocre. The design is the most notable thing about it. Also, the artificial sweetener is incredibly noticeable.


The labels are plastic shrink wrap, and while they have a perforation and a reminder for people to take the wrapper off before putting them in the recycling (the shrink wrap will lead to them being rejected and sent to a landfill) it would be a lot better if they just printed on the cans.

Cool look & feel
3 months ago

I like the strawberry basil flavor. Very low carbonation. The simple design always stands out to me on crowded grocery aisles, and I like it.

Tasty 😋Cool look & feel
4 months ago

Nothing super memorable about it, but would be open to trying another flavor.

3 months ago

I wanted to love these sodas. Their cans are cute, their branding is fun, the unboxing experience of the rainbow sampler pack was super joyful, but the sodas were gross.


• Improve the taste! • Shipping took a really long time! It took 7 days for my order to ship and over 11 from order to delivery. :-(

Fun unboxing 📦