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A design brand focused on producing high-quality products with a minimal aesthetic and intense attention to detail.

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August 2008
August 2008
Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Jeff Sheldon
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High qualityWorth the money 💸Works really well
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I have Analog, Ugmonk's productivity system. I'm a huge fan of writing things physically even though most of my life is spent in the digital world. Their products simply look great, feel like quality and are clearly well thought-out and designed. The system makes a lot of sense. I don't use it daily (as in a new card each day) rather I build my tasks on a card and run it out as long as it takes to chop 'em down. Usually a week or two. So the 3-months of cards it came with will probably last me a few years which is nice. Anyways, I love supporting a small family business and I love it even more when their products are so good.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Works really well
5 months ago