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Troop creates alcoholic drinks made from honest ingredients and promotes healthy and safe drinking.

Troop Reviews

Troop reviews


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3 years ago

This was my first cocktail in a can I've ever tried. I have only tried the Rum Mojito- and I tried it back before the company's rebrand, so they might have changed the ingredients or processing a bit. I was in a season of the pandemic where I was making a lot of cocktails at home, but buying each of the ingredients separately was adding up a lot. Finding this trendy company definitely saved me a few bucks and went well with our Taco Tuesday order! Also, who wouldn't loved their transparency around ingredients?


It was supposed to be bubbly, carbonated. It basically wasn't at all. The flavor of mint was present, but wasn't super strong. However, I like the company, and would definitely go back to try the Gin Spritz in the future!

2 years ago

I am not a fan of a mojito or any bourbon drinks normally and I can almost never find a canned cocktail that I actually enjoy. Troop changed that. Definitely would recommend it over ice and in a glass and not straight out of the can for the best flavor experience. The cans are smaller than an avg 12oz can so its great to have around and bring as a small item to a gathering or park afternoon.

3 years ago

I tried them a couple of years ago before their rebrand and then again more recently. I have had some really bad experiences with canned cocktails (too strong, not strong enough, chemically tasting), but Troop seems to have struck the right balance across on a number of fronts. A really compelling product that serves a role as an alternative to seltzers / beer / other ready to drink options as well as a stand in for homemade cocktails in a pinch.


I found the early iterations of the Bourbon Smash and Rum Mojito to taste a bit "canned". The more recent products have improved on more vibrant flavor / freshness.