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Topicals makes skincare products designed to fight dryness, dark spots and discoloration associated with hyperpigmentation and Eczema-prone skin.

Topicals Reviews

Topicals reviews


82% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Effective for sensitive skin
  • Tackles hyperpigmentation efficiently
  • High-quality moisturizing products
  • Attractive, stand-out packaging
  • Medicinal scent off-putting
  • Can be drying on skin
  • Not suitable for all skin types
  • Potential irritation around sensitive areas

Topicals is a highly appreciated skincare brand, praised for its effective products that work well for sensitive skin and tackle issues like hyperpigmentation, eczema, and acne scars. However, some find the medicinal scent of certain products off-putting and others mention the products can be drying and irritating for very sensitive areas.

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93 reviews

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a month ago

Personal purchase

I can swear by this product. Holy grail. My hyperpigmentation has reduced and I am so excited to see the progress everytime. Don’t walk .Run and get it


2 months ago

Bought Topical's Faded Serum a few months ago and have been using it 1-2x weekly as recommended. I put it on after washing my face at night, and then add on moisturizer after. I don't have any dark spots, but I do have some scars from old blemishes. I've noticed that this has helped significantly! Only downside is that it can be VERY drying, a bit irritating around sensitive skin (like near the eyes), and as it mentions on the product page - it smells weird. Topicals says it smells like sulfur, but I didn't really know what that meant until I sniffed it myself. Hard to explain, but its a weird chemical smell. Definitely unpleasant but the product seems to work well, so I've been powering through!

4 months ago

Topicals Butter moisturizer is an elite option. It works really well and it looks like butter. What’s not to love?

Like butter

6 months ago

I love the products. You could try the Brightening serum or the Hydrating moisturizers, they work really well on my skin.

3 months ago

Received a free product from Topicals

WOW! topicals is such an incredible brand in more ways than one. first, their products are great! highroller is my favorite, it helps my in grown hair and breakouts so much!!! it is such a ride or die product. and sealed has really helped my skin, it is quick and easy to add into my routine and helps to heal breakouts and scars faster!


3 months ago

Influencer for Topicals

love their body retinol serum + body mists for eczema. great for sensitive skin and I put it on after the shower for glowing and smooth skin. ALSO JUST LOOK AT THE PACKAGING!!!

2 months ago

Most of the products aren't designed for the needs and concerns of my skin, but i love love love their new slick salve mint lip balm. it's super moisturizing, not too minty, and feels soooo nice alone or on top of lip liner.

a month ago

The perfect lip mask. Also makes a great daily balm when applied lightly. It sticks so well and lasts for hours, I definitely find myself reapplying less then I usually do during the day compared to things like Vaseline and Rhode. It also is so good for my lip picking habits and eczema prone lips.

Slick Salve

a month ago

I use the faded cream because I am someone is suffers from dark spots and acne scars and nothing usually works but this cream lightened and evened out my skin tone incredibly.