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Tooleries makes silicone grooming tools, Australian-made skincare designed for men

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3 months ago

I own and have tried more products from Tooletries than I realized. I have the face scrubber, the Harvey (sticks to the mirror, holds my razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss) as well as the soap dish (the one that sticks to the shower wall), and their bodywash. I am a fan of everything I have tried. The accessories are durable and work as expected. The bodywash has a pleasant Oud aroma and the container is reusable. It’s made of the same material as the accessories. They are making good products, but will need to advertise and rely on referrals to grow.

3 months ago

Horrible quality products, and even worse customer service. The "anti-fog" mirrors get foggy after a few uses too.