T.I.N.A. (This Is Not Alcohol)

T.I.N.A. creates all natural, non-alcoholic drinks using high quality tea and all natural ingredients.

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January 2021
July 2021
Melbourne & Sydney, Australia
Chrissie Trabucco
Imogen Hayes
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About T.I.N.A. (This Is Not Alcohol)
T.I.N.A (This Is Not Alcohol) is a modern beverage company making delicious and unconventional drinks, without alcohol. T.I.N.A was founded by us, Chrissie and Imogen. We are two cousins from the tea and wine industries in Australia, with a love of making interesting beverages. Chrissie has been importing and experimenting with tea for many years, and tea forms the backbone of all of our drinks. Our first pilot launched in July 2021, and our goal was to create a drink with complexity, nuance and drinkability. T.I.N.A is made with all natural ingredients - it is for everybody and can be enjoyed however you chose. From afternoons in the park to those late nights that lead to unforgettable moments.
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