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thisworks formulates smart, natural skincare that works with the body clock to maximize skin performance 24 hours a day

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5 months ago

Purchased the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which was about $30 for 2.5oz, after using “sleep” scented candles that just weren’t working and also posed safety concerns. The scent is lavender based and smells fresh and clean without being too perfumy and overwhelming. It also does not irritate my sensitive skin, nose or eyes, which is great because I spray this right on my pillow. The bottle has lasted me a year because I don’t use it every night and for my husband and I just 3 sprays is enough. While the product is somewhat gimmicky, it does actually feel and smell great when you’re all tucked into bed, close your eyes, and get this relaxing aroma with every breath.

3 months ago

I have the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and whether it’s a placebo or not, I always feel like I sleep better, and at the very least feel deeply relaxed. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray