The Hair Lab by Strands

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The Hair Lab by Strands offers customized hair care routine formulated for your unique needs

The Hair Lab by Strands Reviews

The Hair Lab by Strands reviews


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4 reviews

9 months ago

I just purchased this at my local Walmart with little to no expectations of it, I just needed an affordable conditioner until I got paid so I could purchase my regular brand. I got the light conditioner for fine hair because well, I have fine hair. I also purchased two packages of the moisture mix and frizz control mix and mixed it up. When I was blow drying my hair I was blown away, my hair was amazingly soft shiney, frizz free and smooth. This was a very unexpected result of a $9 conditioner and I think I will be purchasing this again!

10 months ago

Influencer for The Hair Lab by Strands

I just finished my bottle of scalp oil and i absolutely loved it.

10 months ago

Influencer for The Hair Lab by Strands

Hands down the best products I’ve tried. I’ve been using it for over 3 weeks and I’m loving how it’s changing my hair. It’s breaking less my curls is coming back and it doesn’t feel dry it well moisturized and i love that! Highly recommend this brand.

10 months ago

Affiliate program.

I’m a 44yr old female, with short fine, straight hair that gets oily at the roots, it’s frizzy, with damaged ends, lacks the youthful shine I used to have, no volume & is color-treated. So what’s a girl supposed to do when I have all these need’s and only a few choices!? That’s where The Hair Lab by Stands comes in…which offers customers an affordable, accessible customizable shampoo and conditioner that is available online or at your local Walmart. I was walking the hair isle at my local Walmart not knowing what to get (so many options, but I can never find the right fit) and my husband asked me if I’d herd about the brand and I hadn’t. After looking we realized it was a customizable hair care brand, which I’ve herd of but hadn’t experienced. This was different than other customized hair care brands I’ve herd of. After finding this brand and reading what the sign said, my husband went online to their website to do the online quiz which was fast and easy and if your lucky your Walmart might have a actual hair scanner which is really cool. Mine doesn’t yet so I took the online quiz which ask your hair type, hair needs, concerns etc..and even includes your environment by giving them your zip code (in Ohio we have lots of humidity so lots of frizzy hair) which I thought was cool. My results came back and you choose the shampoo and conditioner they recommend, than 3 add ins. Here is what I was recommended- Shampoo- Clarifying Shampoo for Oil-Prone Scalp with Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner- Lightweight Conditioner for Fine Hair with Jojoba Seed oil My 3 add ins for both shampoo/conditioner (you can up to 3 in each & it comes in a double pack)- Shine Boost Anti-Frizz Anti-Breakage All you do is add a full dose to each the shampoo and condition. Really easy to follow directions, don’t worry it’s easy from start to finish and if you visit their website they give easy instructions. After using this for a few months my hair is visibly smoother, shinier, I have less fall-out and more volume. The shampoo and conditioner does have a fragrance which is really light and smells amazing. They’re paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, silicone free, alcohol free, mineral oil free & cruelty free. They have great customer service and I highly recommend them to my loved ones. **I am apart of The Hair Lab By Strands Affiliate Program that’s on discord. I payed for my own products before joining and they have no clue I’ve added them to ThingTesting yet. They don’t ever ask us to push their products and we get to possibly test future products and we do not make commission. We get points for chatting in the discord about possible future product we as customers would like to see, our hair goals, or just chat about whatever we want like our fur babies or kids. We can use our points for gift cards or products. The brand & the team is seriously amazing. This is my 100% honest review of the brand and products**