The Good Crisp

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The Good Crisp crafted gluten-free, delicious chips for healthy snacks

The Good Crisp Reviews

The Good Crisp reviews


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5 reviews

5 months ago

I really like these crisp snacks because they are like eating the big name brand chips but with better ingredients with the taste being just as great. The sour cream and onion flavor of this one is too good.

a year ago

I just tried the orange cheese balls (one of my favorite snacks overall) and they were delicious. I love that they are non-GMO and gluten-free bit taste just like the "real" thing. I'm glad I bought two cans of them and I will definitely purchase these again. I would like to try the chips next.


Really good gluten-free, non-GMO alternative to snacking.

a year ago

I can't speak to the potato chips, but the orange cheese balls are so good. I've tried the white cheddar-- they're good too, but you specifically need to go try the orange cheese balls. They have the flavor, they have the nostalgia, they are perfect and I love them.

a year ago

I tried their spicy jalapeno crisps last week and they are so yummy. Like Pringles, but better.