The Cones Factory

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The Cones Factory operates a pre-rolled cone factory, delivering a variety of pre-rolled products.

The Cones Factory Reviews

The Cones Factory reviews


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a year ago

Client, brand owner

The Cones Factory products are good quality, however my business suffered irreparable harm because their managers and executives failed to correct an error of their own making. My company received a quote from their Factory Director, and sent a Purchase Order based upon that quote for which it was later invoiced. The order was to allow my company to enter the South African market with one of its top distributors. Only one half of the expected product was shipped, and only after repeated calls to Cones Factory management was I informed the shipping costs were miscalculated leaving me in a terrible predicament with our new distributor. Despite being told by their chief executive that the original quote would be honored, no effort has been made by the Cones Factory to correct this matter and ship the balance of the product to the distributor. I cannot express how horrible it is to have secured a business relationship only to have that be demolished.