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Target sells everything from groceries and essentials to clothing and electronics.


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a month ago

I think they've brainwashed me but I love Target. What could you possible need that isn't being sold in a cute and fun way at Target? Nothing.

a month ago

The literal only thing that's "wrong" with Target is that they sell too many great products & I always end up leaving Target with more than I anticipated buying. They seem to have everything I need at such a great price point. Target is one of my all-time favorite stores & they always seem to be very organized in-store.

a month ago

One of the best stores. Get everything you need in one place. Enjoy a Starbucks while you fill up your cart with some things you need and some things you don’t. Great prices. Great return policy.

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20 days ago

When I die, spread my ashes in Target. Best store with great deals. When I lived in rural Ohio, I would drive an hour to the nearest Target. It's that good.

a month ago

Always convenient. I wish the bathrooms weren’t so gross at every target though. I like the target brands.

a month ago

I am a HUGE fan of Target's pickup from your car. It makes my life so much easier, and probably makes me spend more money because I'm just constantly placing pick-up orders

19 days ago

Ok so I’m writing this review because I love target- and I always just assumed groceries there would be over priced but I’ve actually found better deals on prices there then Kroger! This is a win/win for me because I hate grocery shopping but don’t mind shopping at target. Also they have some pre made meals/ meat in the deli section that make meals that much easier

23 days ago

Quite possibly my favorite store. Where else can you get well priced, good quality groceries, clothing, electronics, household cleaning supplies, and housewares all in one convenient trip...also with a Starbucks in the front?

7 days ago

Target!! whats not to love. Target is genuinely a happy place. I like that they are making it feel like a department store in some ways. It feels safe, well organized, I can try on a bunch of clothes, look at home goods, grab a snack, and peruse the beauty section. Plus most have a starbucks? Genuinely whats not to love.