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Taimi sells regenerative supplements that improve sleep, focus, and immunity.

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3 years ago

Received a free product from Taimi

The packaging and the instructions included were really nice! I also liked that (at least the Focus) did not have a very negative effect on the flavour of the coffee I added it to - that would've been a dealbreaker. You can taste that it's there, but it doesn't ruin the experience.


I'm a sceptic and probably not the target audience for this brand. I was quite scared to subject my body to a lot of substances I've never tried before and due to my lack of knowledge in the area, I was worried about if this was yet another "silver water". Because of this, I wasn't comfortable increasing the recommended dose, despite feeling next to no difference from how I normally feel, after adding Taimi's Focus to my coffee. More information regarding the safety of the product could have helped me enjoy it more.

2 years ago

Before I even received the product the founder reached out to me to introduce the brand and its mission, which I found to be very nice and personable. I loved the packaging it came in, very good for storage and beautiful n color and shape. I loved the measuring cup integrated into the top of the canister, made it easy to dose out without being confused about how much to take. The product worked very well, especially the sleep one. The focus supplement was good too, didn't make me jittery and I found I had a bit more energy. Couldn't really tell if my immunity improved, although I didn't get sick while I was using it. Overall would gift this to someone who was looking for supplement alternatives for focus and sleep.


I think this product could partner with another tea or coffee brand, or even trying to make the focus and immunity blends as additional supplements at a coffee/smoothie/juice shop. The booklet that came in the packaging was cute but feel like it was more beautiful than informational. Otherwise I really enjoyed the experience!