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Stella and Dot Jewelry sell fashion jewelry and accessories with a cause

Stella and Dot Jewelry  Reviews

Stella and Dot Jewelry reviews


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4 reviews

9 months ago

I was introduced to Stella and Dot Jewelry when a co-worker had a jewelry party at her house. The sales associate was lovely and she had everything set up in a very attractive and appealing manner so the whole experience was like having a wine reception with a personal shopper. That aside, I went in thinking I would buy one piece (to be nice to the hostess) but I would up buying six pieces because I really liked the jewelry when I got to see it up close and try it on. I like how some of the pieces are "convertible," in that they can be a short necklace, long necklace, or bracelet. Stella and Dot get kudos for making pieces that the wearer can use in multiple ways. I was told that the pieces were anti-tarnish and hypoallergenic and that the company tries to be carbon neutral. In all, I find this to be high-quality, fun, costume jewelry. Their "covet" collection used 14K gold and is a little more fine jewelry than costume.

9 months ago

After seeing in passing a few pieces of Stella and Dot jewelry that I liked I went to check out their site and found that they are, unfortunately, a predatory MLM. I would highly discourage anyone from supporting this business model that often preys primarily on disadvantaged women. I am attaching excerpts from the company's own income disclosure statements, and more can be found with a cursory Google search. I have hope that this business model will fade away over time, but it seems there is a never-ending parade of companies that are willing to take advantage of people.

9 months ago

I have several Stella and Dot pieces. Some are 19 years old. They have really stood the test of time and are so pretty and unique.