Stasher Bag

4.5 1,221 Reviews

Stasher makes reusable and non-toxic silicone storage bags in a variety of sizes.

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Stasher Bag Reviews

Stasher Bag reviews

Reviews mention

  • Durable storage solution
  • Versatile usage options
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Effective airtight seal
  • Difficult to clean crevices
  • Potential for mold growth
  • Can retain unpleasant odors
  • Somewhat expensive pricing

Stasher Bag is a well-regarded reusable storage solution known for its durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. It's also praised for its ability to keep food fresh and secure with an airtight seal and its dishwasher safety. Customers love the variety of sizes and its colorful design. However, it has been criticized for its difficulty in cleaning, particularly the crevices, leading to mold growth. Some users also find it retains odors and is not completely airtight, leading to stale food. Despite the high quality, some users find it pricey.

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1,221 reviews

a day ago

Love these bags! So useful for so many things! I throw mine in the dishwasher regularly and they come out looking and working like they are brand new every time.

22 days ago

At first I was shocked by the price tag, but after getting over that these have become my favorite food storage option. Easy to store and clean, and can be used for so many items! Use caution when using with onion, garlic (fragrant) or tomato sauces (staining).

6 days ago

I have a few stasher bags. I want to love them so badly, however, there are a few flaws. One of the edges ripped and it is so hard to clean. I haven't tried to put them in the dishwasher but will try that next. I find the bags to be too heavy for chips and they end up getting crushed. It is also hard to open the bags to put items in them like sandwiches, I have to wiggle the sandwich in the bag. They often retain an unpleasant smell and I am washing them every night when I return from work. Super Super pricey for the flaws they have.

a day ago

I love the biggest size and the tiniest size funnily enough. The sandwich bags dont expand super readily, so the ones with the standing bottoms accommodate way more stuff.

24 days ago

I want to love these so badly. My problem with these bags is that they're hard to clean, and even when I do clean them they take on the scent of whatever I had in the bag. Like that scent will never go away for the rest of eternity. And drying them completely is a nightmare, but not drying them completely can lead to mold on the food inside... ugh. I want to reduce my single-use plastics waste but there has to be a better solution!

a month ago

Love the variety of sizes and colors. It's so convenient to stick them in the dishwasher and not worry about ruining them. I use them to bring while traveling, for food freezing, taking snacks on the go, for dog treats.

a month ago

My go to bags in the kitchen and home. I cannot recommend enough. A bit hard to clean which I turn them inside out, however they advise against this! I love using them for travel and in the bathroom too in lieu of makeup bags as the transparent aspect allows to see whats inside. I have boiled in them for a steamed dish and its amazing.

a month ago

Very usefull product i used this for everything

a month ago

Thought I'd love them more than I did. Bought them because they are so clean looking, but never use them.

2 days ago

Love my stasher bags, I use them all the time. They’ve totally replaced plastic baggies for me and I rarely need to restock on plastic baggies if at all. They’re dishwasher safe and super easy to clean as well.

12 days ago

Stasher bags are built to last. We have many of these in all different sizes, and they’ve helped us completely eliminate single use storage bags. We’ve used them in the freezer for bananas and bread, for snacks on the go, and anything in between! They’re well worth the money, quality is top notch!

15 days ago

I love stashers! They are easy to clean and durable. I got my first one in a mightynest subscription and I love it.

3 months ago

I love the idea of the stasher bags and have a good experince with the couple I have bought. However, they are quite out of my budget and I wish I could afford to use these all the time.

4 months ago

I've been looking for a way to cut down on storage bags - at home I use glass. It would be great to avoid plastic storage bags altogether but these bags get super gunky after a few uses. Also, they tend to stain, depending on what you put in them.

5 months ago

I bought these in my early efforts of sous vide. They are great. I have a gripe with them though, the seams are quite difficult to clean. I don't find myself reaching for these often, but they are definitely nice. I'd say buy one or two in the sizes you use most for things that aren't too messy.