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Stapelstein creates products to bring movement, creativity, and connection to children.

Stapelstein Reviews

Stapelstein reviews


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2 reviews

8 months ago


Stapelsteins were BIG in my parenting groups, so I had to go seek out buying them from the German site last year to gift my toddler. I'm so glad they are now readily available in the US. The material is so strong (can support my weight as an adult), yet light - you're almost asking yourself why you bought styrofoam. But it's not - it's more than that. It's open play for your kid to be creative - it can be a bowl, a hat, a rock to jump on, etc. Fun and colorful to stack on (so small footprint too). I highly recommend them!

8 months ago

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My toddler loves this stepping stones set. We have the one with rainbow stones and a balance board. She uses it for her figurines, to play the floor is lava, and more. I took it out of the box and just left it there and she figured out how to use it all on her own.