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Standard Self Care offers a clean skincare line that is paraben-free and non-toxic.


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a month ago

Wish I had read some reviews on this. Total scam. I ordered it through TapJoy and they will not honor a return. The order was over $159 and the product is almost sample size! I didn’t get my reward through TapJoy and neither one of them will honor the commitment. Total Fraud!!!! Never order from this company!

2 months ago

This company is a complete scam! It is highly likely this review won't be posted. If you want to return your order, you can't. Do not buy from this company!

10 months ago

Standard has changed my skin from the inside out. No joke- this cleanser removes all makeup without stripping my skin. The eye cream tingles in the best way and my skin has never glowed more or been more moist! I love love love their Instagram too! Posting motivating and smart ways to set a new standard of self care! Grateful for these products and really love what this brand stands for.

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10 months ago

The cleansing balm is by FAR my favorite. So gentle on my skin and takes off all the make-up! I love the clean ingedients- the whole brand is very well thought out and worth every penny!

10 months ago

Highly recommend. I'm very meticulous with my skinscare routine and Standard has become my go to. It delivers all around with the face wash, moisturizer and eye cream. After using the product my skin feels refreshed and clean all day without any of the heavy additives or scent. The ingredient list is super clean and small so you know it is good. The packaging is an extra plus between its look and swivel function (no caps!)


The face wash acts as another layer of moisturizer. I recommend using a facial scrub/sponge .

10 months ago

My skin feels clean and hydrated every time I use the cleanser! The moisturizer is very light, fresh, and rejuvenating too. Love these products. A must addition to any skin care routine!


More products please!

10 months ago

When I say my skin was GLOWING from the moisturizer, I mean it. Standard was perfect for my sensitive skin. I have tried it all but standard made my skin feel glassy, look clear and I felt good about using the clean ingredients.

10 months ago

Cleansing balm gets all my makeup off so easily. It lasts soooo long!!


Travel size?

10 months ago

The best product with the best ingredients. I am so particular with what I put on my face and I am so pleased with this new brand. I recommend it to all my friends and my community!! Well priced and beautifully packaged as well.

10 months ago

I love Standard. I love how clean and healing the whole line it. My skin is super dry and I love how hydrating Standard is. It has helped my skin so much!