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SoaPen makes a soap-filled pen to motivate kids to wash their hands.


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a year ago

I learned about this product on Shark Tank and immediately bought it for my then 6 yr old son, loved the concept and mission behind it. Unfortunately it just doesn't really foam and often stains his hands requiring extra washing. I would try again if they change the formulation.

a year ago

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We love this product! It’s great for home or travel!

a year ago

As someone with eczema, I'm always looking for something to take on the go so I don't have to subject myself to the harsh soaps usually found in public bathrooms. I've been carrying a hand sanitizer, but when I saw Soapen's ad I commented and they sent me a box to try! I've been using Berry Blast primarily on the go and it hasn't made me break out at all!


It's a little weird using a soap pen marketed towards kids, but anything that makes my skin feel normal is a product that deserves 5 stars!