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SkinTe sells organic tea made from a blend of super herbs, collagen, and antioxidants.

SkinTē Reviews

SkinTē reviews


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4 reviews

5 months ago

Received a free product from SkinTē

I didn't like this drink. It's selling you more on the benefits in the can rather than the flavor. The Green Tea Grapefruit is good. The White Tea Ginger one is horrendous though. It's all ginger flavor.

6 months ago


I loved the concept and the idea of this product and the potency of the green tea grapefruit. The can packaging was very aesthetically pleasing. But it tasted very bland like a little sweetness would be ok just 5g of an alternative sweetener at least.

a year ago

I ordered this online. It had good reviews. It was pretty expensive. I liked that it had collagen in it and adaptogens. It is packaged nicely and I liked the hibiscus vanilla but the other flavors to me were somewhat harsh and not my favorite. Not something I would go back to again and again. However they were good just not great. I didn't taste the collagen or the herbs so that was a plus as well. They do have more flavor combinations they have come out with now and I will give them a try. They sound more up my alley. And I will edit my experience then. Because I do love the ingredients. And it keeps me away from drinks that aren't good for me.