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Simple Feast makes plant-based meals designed by chefs to be ready in 20 minutes.

Simple Feast Reviews

Simple Feast reviews


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2 years ago

This is a great meal kit if you want to eat healthy, planet friendly food that is genuinely ready quickly. We have been ordering meal boxes every other week or so for the past few months and have now really come to rely on not having to think about planning and shopping for the first half of the week. It is pricy for a meal kit but for me the convenience and quality makes it good value for money. The meals are as close to being ready as they can be before they are on the plate. It's a case of cooking some rice, heating up a curry or chopping a salad. The sauces, dressings etc are all ready prepared. If you like cooking, which I do, you still get the satisfaction of preparing food but you don't have to learn a whole new recipe each time which is what I didn't like about cook from scratch kits like Hello Fresh or Aarstiderne which always ended up taking me about an hour. I love food and I love to cook so for me a big part of enjoying this kind of service is that it should be at least as good as something I would prepare myself. SF often blows my mind with flavour, texture and ingredient combinations. It's not always a hit of course but at least you know it is healthy and filling. It also feels like the recipes are thoroughly tested and the minimal instructions are so easy to follow. My boyfriend often makes the meals which he would ordinarily never do so that is most excellent! The SF app is brilliant for ordering, pausing and generally managing your subscription and you can also read the instructions for the meals you have chosen there. Plus you can rate and review each meal which I really like - just feels like they go a step further finding out if people like what they are doing or not. All this really puts SF lightyears ahead of other food kit delivery services I have tried.


Personally I think they are strongest when they show what you can do with vegan cuisine, rather than veganifying traditional dishes but that is possibly just my taste. There is no getting around the fact that this kind of service will include packaging but SF works harder than most to make sure the materials it uses are as sustainable as possible. It would be good if you could choose when your kit arrives (currently it's usually just the afternoon on a Sunday) but hasn't really caused any problems so far.