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Sheertex designs superior strength, lightweight, and breathable tights, stockings, and socks.

Muskoka, CA
Katherine Homuth
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Clear straightforward brand value messaging and ordering experience! Came with a free pair of socks during holiday ordering, which I appreciated.


I think these are unfortunately made for tall women. I am 5'5" and straddle the line between petite clothing and regular (read: tall) clothing. I got the shape shaping ones that look like they are shorts on the top half and unfortunately they show through when I wear mini skirts. Wish this design was shorter so this wouldn't have been an issue. They're all final sale so I can't return them.

Cool look & feelEveryday wear
16 days ago

Impressingly indestructible. The socks are great too!


They're not as smooth or soft as other luxury tights but they definitely don't snag and have held up extremely well over time.

Worth the money 💸
a month ago

Tough indeed! These tights are indestructible and look great.


The texture is a little weird, but most likely because they're so tough. If they could figure out away to make them a little softer, they'd be perfect!

High qualityInnovative productWorth the money 💸Special occasion 💃Business casualEveryday wearFit just rightAmazing websiteLove the brand's mission 💕
5 months ago

I will never buy another brand of tights again! After dealing with ripped or running tights for years, these are an incredible upgrade. As others have mentioned, they are more expensive but more than make up for it with the quality. This is a brand I recommend again and again to friends.

Cool look & feelWorth the money 💸Fit just rightComfortableSustainable products
7 months ago

I have worn my Sheertex pantyhose several times now, and I do like it - it has not torn or had any runs. It seems sturdy without feeling too thick.


Although it doesn't rip, there is a bit of pilling that bothers me which, for the price, I would not expect to be an issue.

Innovative productSpecial occasion 💃Business casualEveryday wear
9 months ago

Truly indestructible pantyhose. Absolutely love them. I've used the same pair for over two years & still very happy.


The fabric is a bit stiff, but I think that's also why it's so durable. So maybe wouldn't change anything.

High qualityInnovative productWorth the money 💸Size & shade inclusive Everyday wear
9 months ago

I was bombarded with Instagram ads for Sheertex forever: “Pantyhoses that do not break?!" First I thought that can’t be true, and second, $99* is a lot of money.” Me 2 years after purchase: These tights are incredible, and they still feel like new (Sheertex claims that they can last up to 50 wears). For those who don’t understand the breakthrough: a thin pair of tights usually break after 1-2 wears. With Sheertex you actually end up saving money AND eliminating at least 10-15 pairs of waste. So what are they made of? A strong fiber which until now only had been used in ballistic products, like bulletproof vests. The material is self-healing, meaning that in case you do get a snag, you can in most cases stretch and manipulate the fabric back to shape. Y Combinator backed Sheertex was named one of TIME Magazines 50 Best in Inventions in 2018, and rightfully so. So cool, and so needed.⁣ 🙏 * I think Sheertex has decreased their pricing since my first purchase. I know this because I have bought them as gifts to multiple friends since :)


The price point, but as said already, they clearly are working on it, and ultimately, the price per wear is a lot less than normal pantyhoses. I also think Sheertex should work on their international shipping, I know multiple friends in Europe that have asked me to send Sheertex. 🌎

High qualityInnovative productWorth the money 💸Sustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
9 months ago

I ordered my tights 5/21 and have worn them three times. Now I noticed that they have long snags and a tiny hole. How can this happen if they should be unbreakable? Company said I am not having my money back since they have only 30 days guarantee. In addition the company removes the comments which are negative from their FB feed and hides the ones on home page (you can only see the five star ones). I have left various negative comments about tights and all of them gone. I tried the technique to fix the snags they advised, but it does not work. Also, naturally, it does not solve the problem with the hole. The company is a scam, I'm very disappointed.

4 months ago