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Sezane sells affordable luxury women's vintage-inspired clothing.


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5 months ago

I own a few cotton button-downs from Sezane and I always get compliments when I wear them. Their clothes always have interesting details and are made of nice quality fabrics.

3 months ago

Love the design, some of the product quality is not as good as others. Overall beautiful products

4 months ago

I loveeeee this brand! I want everything on here but I’m sort of broke bc I spend too much☹️. The lifestyle bags are my favourite! Everything Sézane is great quality and just stunning. I used one of the duffel bags for a trip to Greece and let me tell you I was bringing that thing everywhere I was afraid some of the velvet would get dirty or rip or something but it held beautifully! Love this brand

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4 months ago

Some of their clothes are just stunning. Others are not. The fabrics and quality are quite good. I also like that free shipping and returns are offered over $200. I will keep shopping with them.

9 months ago

I love Sézane so much. It was one of my first stops in Paris, the NYC store just didn’t match up when I lived there :) Their sizing can be weird for sure but their returns are great. The quality is unmatched and I love that they are a B Corp. After living in Bulgaria for a year, I’m also happy to see they have so many factories there that help the economy in a healthy way. Sezane is my husband’s go to for gifts for me and they’ve never missed! They also usually include a cute free gift of some sort from a Sezane pouch to, more recently, my new favorite lip kit. Now, open a store in Atlanta!

2 years ago

Obsessed with this brand. The clothes are just beautiful, and I especially love the chic touches like the beautiful tags, items wrapped in tissue and my name written on the outer box.


The 'archives' sales are insane. Shoppers can put loads of items in their basket, which means they appear sold out, even if they're not eventually bought.

9 months ago

Love the brand! as a french in the US, I'm so proud to see how this brand is a success here as well! The collection is always as cool as expected, a new release every 2 weeks I would say, the quality is perfect. The unboxing is lovely, and the experience in retail or d2c is perfect as well. I love their big earrings that match perfectly their collections. Everything fit just right, jeans might be a bit too small and not "all size" inclusive. The only cons I would say are for the laundry, the products are very sensitive and it's impossible to clean them in NY laundries or they would end up kid size

2 years ago

Love their clothes, and love that they make everything in small quantities.


Sizing could be better and more consistent. With a lot of their dresses an XS is too big (and I'm not that small!)

a year ago

A friend recommended Sezane to me, and I absolutely love the Parisian vibes. It's casual, but can be dressed up. The materials are very high quality. And the accessories are unique. I particularly like buying dresses from Sezane. Archives sale is also great.


Hmm...nothing comes to mind!

2 years ago

High quality women's fashion. Been familiar with the brand since ~2016 or so. In recent years they've branched out from a couple releases a year to continuous; from primarily clothing to a pretty healthy line of jewelry, shoes & accessories. Beautiful quality & prints, beautiful styling on the website. Special shout out to their outerwear which is top notch (although lightweight, very much suited to urban winter).


The silhouettes pretty much stay the same season after season. Not very size inclusive in their branding or range of sizes. Their outerwear is always blink-and-you-miss-it, emblematic of how there used to be supply / stock out issues where runs would sell out very quickly.