Seven Sundays

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Seven Sundays makes cereals using clean ingredients.

Seven Sundays Reviews

Seven Sundays reviews


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4 reviews

8 months ago

I really wanted to like Seven Sundays but I couldn't get over the taste of it. It doesn't really taste like anything and gets soggy so quickly. I tried putting honey on it which helped, but defeated the purpose of not having an intensely sweet breakfast.

a year ago

I love Seven Sundays. I buy their "real cocoa" sunflower protein cereal and it's a staple for me. Delicious, not too sweet, clean ingredients.

7 months ago

The ingredients are so clean! It's difficult to find a cereal that isn't chock-full of sugar and additives, this is where Seven Sundays really stands out! I love that their products are sold in a bag, vs being in a bag within a box like traditional cereals - it feels like it cuts down on the packaging waste. The texture is different, very crunchy when dry and does get soft quickly in milk. Enjoy quickly after adding to liquid. The taste is good! Again, not chock-full of sugar, so it isn't as sweet/sugary as other brands. The maple sea salt and berry flavors are a favorite in our house. The cocoa is okay, but I think anyone who enjoys cocoa flavored cereals would really enjoy it - it's just not our jam. Wonderful brand, great product, will continue to purchase!

a year ago

My mom originally told me about the Seven Sundays cereal. She thought it was delicious and that I should try it. It took me a minute to track down as it’s not in my local grocery store, but the health grocery store near me had plenty. I tried both the berry and chocolate flavors with almond milk (maybe it makes a difference?) and they were both pretty good. I definitely prefer the berry flavor to the chocolate. The chocolate has that texture/taste that curses all health cereals unfortunately. Overall yummy and enjoyable cereal. I would buy the berry flavor again