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SEFI makes women's performance-enhancing activewear that can double as streetwear.

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a month ago

I always feel so confident wearing SEFI, the colours are so complimentary and the shapes flattering. I've even been stopped in the gym to be asked where my outfit was from!

Timesless Ribbed Leggings and Long Sleeve Top

7 months ago

Got their most famous shorts in my regular size and they were way too small. Any type of movement exposes me way too much. Basically from the side, looks like you're wearing a bikini, but from behind it looks like you have a diaper on? These shorts are extremely unflattering on a curvy figure, so if you're not skinny, don't buy them, or size up a lot. Also, they do not except returns and if you want to change the size, you have to ship back to them internationally (spend so much more money). It took about a month to come in. I'm never buying from this company again. Also, the reviews on their website are curated. They deleted my review.