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SEEN makes a hair care line that works to avoid clogging pores.

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8 months ago

Invested in SEEN

Incredible quality and curly hair conscious. Couldn't have asked for a better fragrance-free hair product for curly hair!


The bottles could be a bit bigger.

6 months ago

I had high hopes... I only got the shampoo, as my hair is usually too fine to bear the weight of conditioner. The smell is very meh, low lather, and quite meh results. Big move in their favor is that they sent an email to follow up asking how I liked it, and when I replied with my Meh, they - unasked - sent me a refund. Given the not insignificant price tag, that was a surprising nice move.

a year ago

I randomly get contact dermatitis on my eyes which, as you can imagine, is awful. In an effort to ditch all fragrances, I found this brand to replace my old shampoo & conditioner. This stuff is great—it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, and I like using it because I know it’s good for my skin.


I do wish they had a “build up” shampoo. Sometimes my hair can feel weighed down if I use this stuff daily. For reference, I have fine, thick hair.