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SEA TEA makes a variety of savory teas using seaweed and no caffeine.

SEA TEA Reviews

SEA TEA reviews


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4 reviews

2 years ago

I found this brand through Tik Tok and was intrigued because I love the idea of a savory warm "tea". This really has a great taste and that umami flavor is very comforting. However given the high salt content I don't drink it very often. I wish it had less salt as I think it would still be very tasty.

a year ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

It has a really good taste, the good effects from drinking it can be seen after a few cups of that tea. Love the ingredients and the package of the product


I would like to see different types of tea

a year ago

Yummy. Nothing too special in the flavor department, but the ingredients are high quality and the packaging is sleek.

2 years ago

I loved this tea!!! It reminds me so much of Japan. I drank it every morning after coffee until it ran out. Savory, salty and slightly sour from the ume. The packaging is fun too and I loved seeing it on my counter.


Fingers crossed that it comes back in stock :)