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SAMMEE boba kits allow consumers to create their own boba drinks from their homes using various powders and tea leaves.

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7 months ago

Received a kit a while back as a gift. Liked the clean and compact packaging and that it included everything needed for DIY boba (including the classic boba straw, which was a nice touch). The kit includes recipes and instructions — didn't follow them exactly and tasted along the way and made adjustments accordingly. Ended up having leftover brown sugar and milk tea powder and probably made more than 8 cups. Liked the texture of the boba and the flavor of the milk tea. Milk tea powder had some sweetness to it as-is, so I didn't use as much as the instructions suggested. I think it was fun to do once, but making my own boba made me more appreciative of the time and effort required to make it. It probably took an hour, start to finish, to make it. The kit is probably better suited for small gatherings so that you can use it up all at once and share the experience of making your own boba. I ended up making it on my own and making for my family members who like boba but aren't HUGE milk tea fans, so we didn't even finish it in one go.


I wish the matcha was provided separate from the milk tea powder so that it could be opt-in (though IIRC, they offer a regular kit as well, so nbd).

Good for gifts 🎁Cool look & feelTasty 😋
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