Round Lab

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Round Lab formulates clean, high-quality skincare products from Korea that improve skin conditions regardless of skin type and age

Round Lab Reviews

Round Lab reviews


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9 reviews

4 months ago

Influencer for Round Lab

High quality skincare - never leaves my skin feeling striped, and is veryyyy hydrating! Love the cleanser, it foams really nice, takes off makeup well and a little goes a long way which is wonderful!

5 months ago

Have tried the Birch Juice sunscreen, the Dokdo toner, and the Dokdo lotion. I love all the products and they perform excellently. The sunscreen does slightly irritate my skin, though. I believe it might be the birch juice ingredient. It still has a great texture and ease of application.

9 months ago

Their birch juice moisturizing sunscreen is the best face SPF I've tried in a long time. I'm someone who really can't stand the smell of sunscreen in general and it's very difficult to find a truly "unscented" sunscreen that actually works. I highly highly recommend this one! On top of that, the consistency is super hydrating and sits really well under makeup. Their sheet masks are also very high-quality and come in different formulas for different skin types and concerns.

10 months ago

Their products are worth the money, you should try it, especially the cleanser.

9 months ago

the oil cleanser is the best i’ve used! it needs to be emulsified with a touch of water, and is gentle on my sensitive skin. i usually finish off my routine with the fresh soy cleanser after to rehydrate my skin.

10 months ago

Round Lab Birch Moisturizing Sunscreen is all the rage in Korea as one of the top sunscreens. I finally got my hands on one, and, as someone who’s tried at least 15 different sunscreens, this is in my top two! I’m normal to slight combination skin, and this sits SO nicely on my face. The texture is like a light lotion and isn’t greasy at all. My skin soaks it up, and I think it’s the best in terms of how well my skin absorbs it. There’s no white cast, and it isn’t overly dewy or shiny on the skin. I bought mine in Korea at Olive Young, but they also have a US website. One of my favorite products of 2023!

7 months ago

Their signature sunscreen absorbs quickly and leaves my skin lightly moisturized. There's no typical sunscreen odor or stickiness. It dries to matte. I bought my first tube in May and just finished it in November.

6 months ago

Weightless, no white cast, and the best sunscreen under makeup. Sooo good I bought 2 more bottles for my bf and best friend the week after my first purchase.

8 months ago

Amazingly spreadable and lightweight sunscreen that's also moisturizing and easy to clean off at the end of the day, especially with oil cleansing. I have oily skin type and this sunscreen is just the right amount of astringent yet moisturizing.