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Rockets of Awesome sells and delivers personalized boxes of kid's clothing.


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a year ago

Overall, the quality of the clothes is fine. I didn’t love the prints/graphics/colors too much; they’re very in your face kind of clothes. I think these clothes are overpriced for what they are though. I had some questions and emailed support and they didn’t answer everything and kind of skimmed over questions I had about their discounts as well. I wouldn’t buy again unless I had another good deal on it.

a year ago

These clothes are very cute and soft. They use similar material for many of their items to give it a very soft feel, which my daughter loved. This material does tend to pill very easily and for the price that you are paying for the clothes, even with the bundle discount, I wanted them to look nicer for longer. The look of the clothes is really great but the quality and price don’t add up.


Non-Pilling material.