R.M. Williams

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R.M. Williams makes comfortable, functional clothing with endless styling potential

R.M. Williams Reviews

R.M. Williams reviews


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a year ago

R.M. Williams turn any outfit into a statement piece. Seriously, I've worn them with jeans and suits and pants and hoodies and soccer jerseys and sweatpants and come off as stylish on all occasions. Each RM is made by hand and masterfully crafted from one piece of leather and are branded as "shoes for life". RM lets you take the shoes in over and over again to have them resoled or professionally re-dyed by hand.


The price point is high but I truly have not owned such versatile, well-constructed and comfortable shoes. I've worn them for 18 months now, including on days with 12+ hours of non-stop standing and they still look brand new and didn't hurt once. If you go at it from a "price-per-wear" perspective, the shoes are most definitely worth it. I highly recommend going in store to purchase though, since they run slightly narrow and need breaking in.