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Rest Duvet offers innovative, comfortable, cooling comforters and sheets

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Rest Duvet reviews


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10 months ago

I bought a Rest Duvet after my Buffy one got ruined in the washer. I get very hot at night so I thought this would be a good replacement. I also like light coverings when I sleep so this seemed like a great fit. However, as I've discovered, "cooling" blankets are not really what folks like me are looking for. Sure it's cool as long as you're not in it, but with 8hrs of sleeping UNDER it, it's just like a regular blanket. Maybe it'd work better with a pair of cooling sheets. (I have regular cotton.) Also if you have any dry skin ANYWHERE, the material (think light sleeping bag) they use, will not be your best friend. I suffer from dry skin on my feet and elbows, and hands (if you have a hangnail, OUCH) all the time, and the blanket makes you feel all the sensations from scratching up against it and can ruin your sleep if you're sensitive. It also can cause pain for cracked skin. One thing I do like is that it washes and dries easily. For $150 bucks, try something else. It's not that luxury. Also, I hope for the future they have prettier options that don't scream "prison."