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Rent The Runway offers clothing rental giving everyone access to designer garments and accessories.

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20 days ago

I had a subscription back when it was unlimited closet. That was wild and completely worth it, especially when I had a ton of bachelorette and weddings to attend. Now their pricing is a little too steep for me. However, if I have a really fancy wedding, I look to rent!

20 days ago

Started using it for work/everyday clothes. The quality felt premium and the shipping took only 2 days. I like how I can swap items that I don't want to keep mid month without having to wait a whole month. I live in a studio with limited closet space, so this works perfect for me. Also I don't have to worry about clothes not fitting me as my body weight fluctuates throughout the year. I recently tried Nuuly as well but I think RTR currently offers the best rental experience in the market.

3 months ago

I used to use Rent the Runway all the time in college, but their prices have become too expensive for me to keep them. I do love it when they do their closet clearout & sell some of their used pieces! This would be a really nice gift subscription to receive.

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4 months ago

I used the monthly service for a couple of months and really loved it! It just got to be too expensive for me. Never had any issues with the clothes and even thought about keeping some dresses!

3 months ago

My experience with rent the run way has been very positive. Every item I’ve received has been in great condition and looks brand new. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars as I like to rent for special occasions like weddings where I need a dress I’ll likely only wear once.

4 months ago

I've used Rent the Runway a couple times to rent dresses as a wedding guest. It was an easy process and I appreciated that I could order two sizes in case one didn't fit. However, I frequently find the styles offered very "safe." I like to stand out and feel like I'm expressing a sense of style. The styles offered at RtR make me feel like I'm just fitting in.

3 months ago

This company cause ld me a lot of stress. It’s great that you can get a second size, but I was always nervous that it could get lost in the mail and I will be charged. I stopped using them all together when some of the items looks like they had been washed 1 million times and we’re fraying or faded …

6 months ago

I used to do the unlimited when it was like $100 a month and then when it went up it wasn’t worth it anymore because they changed all the subscriptions, so there was no more unlimited swaps of 4 items a month

5 months ago

I’ve tried RTR for my prom and another formal event. RTR is great for a one-time use clothing event and for people who are sizes 0-10. Anything above that, there’s not as much to choose from and not as many fit reviews or photos to see if the clothes will work. I do like how they allow you borrow a few sizes, just in case one doesn’t work, but there can be more sizes offered.