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REI makes outdoor gear and clothing.

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REI Reviews

REI reviews

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11 reviews

3 months ago

I love going to REI for all of my outdoorsy product needs. It's always the first place I think about when I need something new. I have bought hiking boots, clothing, backpacks, and camping accessories from them.

5 months ago

Go in person if you can! The folks at REI often nail it on helping you find the best gear, especially if they can chat with you face to face, learn about what you're looking for, what size & shape you are for the best fit (recent backpacking experience for me!) etc. They typically have a great ambiance, awesome selection, and great sales + deals!

5 months ago

Love this company. I'm a member of the co-op, get discounts very often, you'll get dividends at the end of the year, you can return anything! And the garage sales are amazing!!

6 months ago

REI has such an insanely good array of offerings at all prices. This is the best spot to go before a camping or skiing trip as it has everything I needed!

7 months ago

If there is anything that you get from this review, it is that you have to get the membership. It is just one-time $30 lifetime purchase & you get free returns for a year! That is no joke when you wanna backyard test some new equipment. REI is my go to for all my outdoor gear needs & I won't be stopping anywhere else ever.

7 months ago

Love going into an REI store. Offers several brand options for gear, but even their brand-name products tend to be really high quality. Every employee is also super friendly and are usually very helpful. Only downside is that prices tend to be high, especially when it gets into specific gear. Very easily can spend way more money here than you planned.

7 months ago

Everything you could possibly need to become an outdoorsy person! I like looking at their camp gear, I always find a handy tool I never knew I needed. Their mission is fantastic, and while it's a great company, there is definitely a price barrier to shopping there.

7 months ago

Long-standing brand, REI CO-OP has remained connected with younger consumers evolving their product offerings over time. The REI catalog offers a comprehensive collection of outdoor products, even for specialty expeditions. I would love to see them carry more bespoke brands. However generally they offer high quality products at fair prices. Their mobile app and website make it easy to find what you need for your next adventure.

7 months ago

Love shopping at REI, the staff is super helpful and a very large selection is available online and in store.

7 months ago

REI seems to be an awesome company that offers high-quality products. Their website is intuitive, and their co-op membership is reasonably priced and totally worth it, even if you’re not a regular shopper. I’ve enjoyed walking around their physical store, too. Everything is well-organized and attractively displayed. I interacted with several employees, both of whom were friendly and helpful. I was very impressed by the customer service I received. I bought some winter boots for my daughter that didn’t fit, then forgot to return them for MONTHS. When I finally made it to the store, I had no problem completing the return. They also honored an ancient gift card I had been hanging onto for about a decade. My only complaint is the narrow size range in the clothing they carry; it would be great to see more plus size and petite options.