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Regimen Lab makes peer-reviewed skincare products backed by science to guarantee effective formulas and concentrations.

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2 months ago

I've tried their entire line and overall, I really enjoy using their products. My fabourite ones are the Vitamin X and Level serums. I noticed a major difference in brightness and hyperpigmentation after 4 months. I will 100% repurchase both of them. The Wave serum is nice but I can't use it if I exfoliate my face/get a chemical peel and it's really runny. It does hydrate my skin and I love to use it on my feet. The cleanser is really nice and a little goes a long way. The moisturizer is good. My fiancé really likes it because it saved his back when he got sunburnt but I didn't like the texture. I prefer a more whipped texture.

Level serumVitamin XCleanserCREAMwave serum

3 months ago

I have the wave serum and cream moisturizer. I really like both! I do feel as though the prices for the amount of product you get is a little steep. The wave serum is super runny though I do think it works.

CREAMwave serum

2 years ago

I got every product from this brand and was extremely let down. The ingredients are very good and innovative but the texture and finishes are TERRIBLE. The serums are thick and greasy, the cleanser is stripping, the moisturizer is thick and has a bad finish, and the vitamin x made me break out bad.

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6 months ago

I am an skincare fanatic. I absolutely LOVE this brand and how innovative they are. I love that their products are PACKED with amazing ingredients, in many cases cutting edge ones. I find their products to have an elegant texture, and are an absolute pleasure to apply. I look forward to trying new products.

2 years ago

This brand feels like the new school of my OG fav Paula's Choice. Very transparent, not BS marketing, and Canadian (yay). Had great results from their ceramide moisturizer and hydration serum so far.


They are definitely a new brand and unboxing could use some work!

2 years ago

I'm obsessed with this line of skincare products. I like to stay on top(ish) of skincare ingredients and what actives I should be using, but also don't have the time or patience to keep tweaking my routine and going through a billion different Deciem products to find what really works... I love that their line is 5 straight-forward, smart + science based products that take me through my AM + PM routine, and I know I don't really have to be doing anything else. (Other than SPF). My dry skin has legit been cured by Wave + CREAM (nothing worked before) and Level is near and dear to my heart. It's really evened out my skintone. They also share a lot of great info on skincare science which I appreciate, though I mostly just skim it (but I'm happy it seems like they really know their stuff). Anyone looking to have a smart + simple routine that prioritizes a healthy skin barrier should definitely check them out!


Would love a sunscreen from these people. Could also use bigger size of everything because it's safe to say I'm a lifer with this line!