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Ray-Ban makes a range of sunglasses and eyewear.

Ray-Ban Reviews

Ray-Ban reviews


90% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Stylish classic designs
  • High-quality lenses
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable over years
  • Overpriced frames
  • Generic look
  • Flimsy construction
  • Prone to damage

Ray-Ban is well-loved for its stylish, comfortable, and high-quality sunglasses that boast classic designs. However, some customers feel that the brand is overpriced and the glasses could be more durable.

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34 reviews

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7 days ago

Iconic! I'm impressed by their ability to stay in the conversation and have loved every pair that I've ever had. I suppose I resent the markups on sunglasses, but that's industry wide!

14 days ago

We all love our pair(s) it’s just hard to not buy all of these! I do find the ones with nose pieces like traditional to be a little more uncomfortable when wearing for long periods of time

12 days ago

Fyidoctors employee

My favourite pair of sunglasses are definitely my Erika's from RayBan. They are light weight and super comfortable. Most RayBan sunglasses are polarized which is highly recommended, especially if you're spending time on the water. Whether you're looking for a good pair of sunglasses or just a regular pair of everyday frames RayBan is an excellent company to buy from.


a month ago

I have tried for SO LONG to love Ray-Ban's eyewear, but I consistently find that out of all of my sunglasses, they are the first to fall apart. The arms bend, the little hinge screws fall out or strip, etc. Their lenses are awesome, their styles are great, but I cannot manage to keep a pair alive for more than a year or so. Bummer because I love their designs and I think their lenses are some of the best on super-bright days.

5 months ago

You cannot go wrong with Raybans. Such classic and timeless designs. I love my Round Fleck sunglasses (in Polished Blue Havana), and my Erika's (also Polished Havana, with polarised lenses). I haven't bought new sunglasses for years, and rotate these two. They always go with every outfit, and are comfortable to wear.

3 months ago

I like so many of ray-ban's classic shapes, and the way that they consistently stay at a manageable price point. They're not cheap by any means, but the inflation creep isn't so severe with them.

3 months ago

I've had a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses ever since I was a child. Have bought multiple pairs ever since. I love the classic aviators and wayfarers. My current favourite pair are a pair of club masters - highly recommend for someone with a round face like me!

3 months ago

Not all glasses fit my face shape, but I love the classic look of this brand. I love the Erika collection, and my boyfriend has a pair of Clubmasters, which are so sleek!

3 months ago

I love the round sunglasses so much (RB 3447) I immediately repurchased after I broke mine. I will say that they feel flimsy HOWEVER I broke mine on the leg after about 4 years of owning them. I used to own the clubmasters also for about 6 years before losing them. Both of the pairs that I owned for over 4 years barely looked as old as they were! They don't scratch that easily either.

RB 3447

5 months ago

I must own 10 pairs of Ray-Bans! Always amazing quality and timeless styles!