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22 days ago

Raos has really gone main stream. With that I do think they may have been a slight quality drop. It’s great that I can get it from Costco discounted.

Marinara Sauce

15 days ago

Best sauce in the supermarket. I like to decant mine into a plastic container and immersion blend it to get all the chunks out and whip some air in, but I love this ingredient list (nothing unpronounceable) and I love the flavor.

a month ago

I had heard great things about the RAO's at-home line but given the higher price point, had been reluctant to make the purchase. I'm so glad that I did! The marinara truly tastes restaurant-quality, with a depth of flavor from really well-done seasoning. That, and I love the chunks of real tomato.

Marinara Sauce

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23 days ago

the BEST store sauce I've ever had. Nervous the quality will change now that it's owned by campbell's, but will wait and see.

Marinara Saucevodka saucealfredo sauce

23 days ago

rao’s is very reliable pasta sauce. i usually dress mine up with some fresh tomatoes cooked in, red pepper flakes, and some fresh herbs when i have them on hand. it’s also relatively affordable and easily found at target or wegmans, which comes in handy for last minute dinners.

Marinara Saucevodka sauce

23 days ago

The BEST tomato sauce on the market that comes in a jar. Really yummy, not too sweet and classic taste. Add some pasta water and your favorite pasta and it is delicious!

Marinara Sauce

23 days ago

on the pricier end, but the taste is great, so buy when they're on sale or at costco lol.

Marinara Saucevodka sauce