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Qi Alchemy makes the finest superfoods and organic herbs in one pearl for stress relief, gut health, and detoxifying your body.


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10 months ago

I love the burdock root tea! As a Korean American, I grew up drinking different Korean teas (ginseng, saang hwa, and burdock). I love that QiAlchemy is offering a reliably sourced burdock. It’s a staple in maintaining my weight. I’m usually drinking something with flavor (and eat very little). I have my coffee with milk and sugar and then drink 2-3 cups of burdock tea during the day. During the summers, it’s easy to make the tea and then chill it in the fridge. Zero calories and no artificial flavors! A win win.


Hopefully QiAlchemy will offer a nice saang hwa tea. My parents recently brought me a nice elixir from South Korea. Would be great to order the product in the states seamlessly.

10 months ago

I have been a Qi Alchemy customer for the past two years because I love the product! The pearls give me renewed energy and help me sleep at night. I have tried other cleanses, herbal pills, and supplements that really did nothing for my health. Also, the Qi Alchemy website is simple to navigate and shipping was fast!


I love the subscription service so I don’t have to reorder every month.