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Puuro makes Nordic-inspired better-for-you foods like overnight oats and a berry fiber powder.

Puuro Reviews

Puuro reviews


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4 reviews

2 months ago

I've tired all Puuro products and I love every single one! My favorite the Fiber, I haven't found a similar product in the market, which helps me ensure I get my daily recommended fiber intake but also tastes delicious and is made from whole foods. I just mix it into my breakfast yogurt or smoothie to addd some flavor. My 14-moth old loves it too, we call it the unicorn yogurt because of the cool purple color. I even put the fiber in my pancake batter and french toast, and the whole family loves it. I'm always checking the added sugar content of my breakfast items and I love the fact that Puuro products in general are low in sugar and it's all coming from dates. We are also huge fans Puuro Oats, I love to make them as overnight in home made cashew milk. I like all the flavors but my favorite one are probably Strawberry Lingonberry with Vanilla and Chocolate Chaga with Hazelnut, which is so yummy it's almost like a dessert. Puuro product have really saved busy my mornings and brought flavor back to my oatmeals. Also, love that I get to support a small business!

a year ago

I like the fresh taste of oats. They are not too sweet and can keep the hunger away for a good while. Chocolate chaga tastes like a pudding but it's healthier!

a year ago

Friends with Puuro

Puuro make my morning routine simpler and tastier! The chocolate chaga oats taste like dessert and the berry fiber powder makes everything extra-creamy and not to mention, extra-nutritious.

a year ago

Friends with Puuro

I absolutely love the Nordic overnight oats and oat & berry fiber. On days when I'm commuting into my office, it's easy to add a couple of scoops of the fiber to a jar of the overnight oats and run out the door. I'm also a health nut who spends too much time reading labels, and Puuro has super clean ingredients! It's tasty without being too sweet and the fiber makes it quite filing. Recently I added some of the fiber and overnight oats to some Greek yogurt to up the protein, which was delish. Next week I'll be traveling and look forward to packing the oat and berry fiber to sprinkle on cottage cheese or yogurt on the road. Thanks, Kira!