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Proof makes a range of period underwear they claim to be leak-proof, comfortable, and super absorbent.


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a year ago

I tested these out and was shocked (in a good way) how much blood they hold. I've tried other brands in the past and have leaked more than once. In total transparency I normally use 1 super tampon every 2-3 hours on my heaviest days. I slept in the heaviest version of the underwear and used a tampon as well. On my last day i did not wear anything except these. I recommend.


More colors and styles would be nice!

a year ago

I bought Proof Undies for my heavy periods, and they really worked! I was skeptical at first and thought it would feel like a diaper, but they are actually soo comfy and soft. There are so many styles, including no-show thongs you can wear with leggings or tighter pants. Now I use them when I'm not even on my period to protect from sweat or discharge leakage. Works like a charm, and sustainable too! Love the product and what the brand stands for.


Excited to see how they can expand into more uses and/or audiences. No complaints!