Prairie Artisan Ales

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Prairie Artisan Ales produces and sells a range of beers

Prairie Artisan Ales Reviews

Prairie Artisan Ales reviews


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2 reviews

8 months ago

Prairie consistently has the strangest flavors. They really push the boundaries of what can make a sour beer sour. The can designs are unique and fun and I've never been disappointed with a flavor. My favorites are the Rainbow Sherbet (liquid rainbow sherbet in a beer), Millennial Mansion (fruit and marshmallows), and the ever-iconic Seasick Crocodile, extra points if aged a year (a beautiful cranberry/nutmeg/cinnamon sour) My ONE complaint is that I want them everywhere. I want more bars to carry them, I want to see them in more stores. Although, I know exactly why it's hard (hint: most bars choose between 2-3 major suppliers who only carry their own brands)

7 months ago

i don’t normally drink beer. but this rainbow sherbet sour from prairie artisan ales was life changing. it really does remind me of those giant rainbow sherbet tubs that i would eat when i was in summer camp! and the artwork on the cans is gorgeous. this was an impulsive buy at whole foods, but i’m glad i did buy it! so delicious.