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Polaroid makes instant cameras that use self-developing film.

Polaroid Reviews

Polaroid reviews


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9 months ago

In the days before iphones, Polaroid was the OG of the camera game. I used to love to take pictures with my friends, when we were kids, and then instantly see our pictures. Nowadays, I don't use Polaroid as much anymore, plus the film is pricy, but if you want a camera with a self-developing film, this is the one to get. It's a fun add-on to a child's birthday party to gift a small Polaroid and film to each child and let them go wild, then hang the pictures on the wall as the party goes on and then leave it as a gift to the birthday child. As a plus, if you are into ghost-hunting and parapsychology, it is believed that Polaroid is the best film to use for that hobby too!

9 months ago

I love the look of Polaroid film. It is pricy & makes you really think about each shot that you take. Be careful during travel though as the film can be exposed & the cameras can easily break.

7 months ago

Polaroid cameras and photos have become a symbol of nostalgia since the rise of digital cameras, but they're found a way to maintain relevance as a brand by invoking this very feeling. Film can be expensive, but I LOVE the look of a Polaroid picture and think it's well worth the price for film if you intend to use it!

10 months ago

I still have the instax Polaroid I bought in 2016 and still use it religiously!! The film always puts a dent in the wallet but totally worth it for all of the memories I've made :)

8 months ago

I love my Polaroid camera. I used it until it broke and I still want to buy a new one. It gives you a little memory printed out for you to keep. I took it on vacations with me to snap the best views!