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Pleasing offers gender neutral nail and skin care products, created by Harry Styles.

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I'll be honest: Yes, I did buy this because of Harry Styles. But I probably wouldn't have purchased it if they hadn't listed all of their sustainability measures and ethical practices. Now, are the nail polishes worth the cost? For me, yes. I pay higher prices for any product that takes these kinds of measures. I purchased the Perfect Polish Set, which includes all 4 polishes from the first launch. The nail polish itself is on the runnier side of consistency, which I found made it really easy to apply. I hate when you get those streaks or clumps in a thick polish. You need about two coats to get an opaque look, which I think is the standard. I particularly like the opalescent-matte look of Pearly Tops. I found that to be the most unique offering since it's able to transform the other colors in the set. The bottle design makes it easy to hold without making your freshly painted nails accidentally touch. Overall, I enjoyed these, but I'm not a frequent nail polish purchaser so I might have lower standards than a frequent user.


I personally would prefer more bright color offerings!

High qualityCool look & feelEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
2 months ago