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Pipersong makes an ergonomic meditation chair that allows you to sit in a variety of positions.

Pipersong Reviews

Pipersong reviews


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2 reviews

5 months ago

hate to say it but this was such a disappointment. I was so excited for this chair. I saw it on tiktok and was saving up for months until I was able to purchase. It could not get here soon enough. However after my first day of use it was very clear the design of this chair is not comfortable or for use outside of 20-45 min periods. After 3 hours in the chair, I had severe joint pain in my hips and seat area. I wanted so badly to like this chair that i continued trying it out for short periods in the week but it is just so beyond uncomfortable. The seat cushion is extremely hard. Even then, I ordered a cushion on amazon to try to help but then the proportions of the chair are off with the extra cushion (which also kept falling off) and overall just didn’t work. I love the idea and as a fidgeter who likes to sit cross-legged, I was so hoping for a solution but I have never had worse pain from a chair. Additionally, their customer service was difficult and not accommodating when I brought up these issues which was a disappointment as well. This is not an inexpensive chair and it doesn’t meet expectations unfortunately. Unless you are very young (like teens/early 20s), able-bodied and using this for very short periods of time - I would consider getting just about any other desk/swivel chair.

10 months ago

I love my Pipersong chair!! I had a very bad office chair for a while and it really impacted my motivation at work because I was always moving around, slouching, then oops- I'm on the couch. My friend ordered one of these and RAVED about it so after a month of mulling it over (high price tag) I decided to just do it. It was so worth it! I fidget and change positions a bunch but I stay in the same place and maintain great posture!