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Pinch Provisions makes personal care kits and premium emergency essentials.

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a year ago

Pinch has GREATLY expanded since I bought my mini emergent kit back in 2016 but I have to say, it's one of the most perfect things that I've kept in my car! It's been long enough that the bag is about the only thing that is left of the original kit, but it's super easy to refill and swap the products.

9 months ago

I have a love/hate relationship with this brand lol. They have some products that are so worth it (e.g. Shemergency bag, the big minimergency, basically) and i also love to gift the minimergency bags for bridesmaids etc. But their other bags are so hit or miss - sometimes it's just gimmicks that will be trash in no time, and sometimes it's exactly what you need. So I still give it 5 stars because their good products are amazing and I cannot find good replacements, but still want to give that disclaimer here that not all of their products are great.