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Pakt offers responsibly sourced minimalist travel gear to inspire action on environmental issues.

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2 years ago

I bought their bag and their coffee maker. The bag was fine but a little smaller and oddly shaped than I was expecting and it wasn't as heavily built as my other bags. After a few years of not using it, I gave it away. Was super excited about the coffee maker but I just don't use it. It just feels a little too fussy, not very sturdy, and I guess I don't travel anyplace where I can't get a decent cup of coffee. Even hotel lobby coffee doesn't taste much worse than what i can get from this.


In both cases, the products felt a little low quality and sloppy.

2 years ago

I don't have a bag of theirs, but I do have the travel coffeemaker. I travel for work a lot and it's a GAMECHANGER. Such a perfect setup, kettle boils fast, nests together to take up basically NO space, just... ugh. Love it. Don't know how I survived on hotel coffee before it. I will say it was missing pieces when it arrived the first time (I'm guessing it was a return), but customer service got me what I needed in the end.