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Opal Camera makes a professional webcam featuring a high quality video display and noise cancelling microphones.

Opal Camera Reviews

Opal Camera reviews


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2 years ago

Received a free product from Opal Camera

I've been one of the 50 early beta testers, and have been using the camera for the last couple of weeks. They position it as "90% of a DSLR at 10% of the price", which I'm a bit on the fence about. The 4k picture quality is great, but out of the box, I had to adjust the white balance to make it look accurate. Keep in mind most software doesn't even support 4k, so it's more a future-proof feature more than anything. The biggest downsize to this product from everyone (including myself) is the $4/mo subscription fee in order to use the software. It does offer some machine learning features that other cameras don't, but it's still in beta and hard to know if it's going to be worth it. The biggest thing about this camera is that it's supposed to replicate the bokeh from a DSLR, but just like portrait mode on the iPhone, it's not that accurate depending on your hair, or how busy the background is. I posted a ton of reviews and comparisons to my Logitech and DSLR camera here - https://www.minimalgoods.co/article/opal-c1-camera-review


More clarity around the monthly subscription.