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Onsen creates fine essentials for the bathroom including towels and bathrobes that are soft and absorbent and dry quickly.



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10 hours ago

The comments in the positive reviews are consistent with my experience for the first several months after I purchased. Oddly, they are now no longer absorbent, take a long time to dry and just feel really thin. I’ve never used fabric softener and live in a dry climate. Super disappointed. I’ve not been able to get a response from their customer support. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend.

5 months ago

I replaced all my towels with Onsen towels, and I love them. It felt a little weird using them at first after using regular bath towels, but now I don't think I would ever go back. They dry very fast, don't snag, and don't take up much space.

3 months ago

I have two sets of the waffle towels and really like them. You can tell that they're good quality cotton and well made. When they first arrived, I thought they were going to be softer, but I got used to it really quickly. I do feel they are very very absorbent, more than any other towels I've had. I love a waffle texture but the only problem with that weave is that sometimes you don't get as neat of a look when they're hanging on a rod. This isn't unique to Onsen, but just something to be aware of. I'm curious to try their new plush towels and may get some if they release more colors.

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2 years ago

I have tried waffle-texture fabrics in the past and nothing compares to Onsen. The towels are bigger than my terry-cloth ones and it never ceases to amaze me how absorbent they are and how quickly they dry. They're grat for the summer months!


The price can be a bit high for a towel, but they have sales pretty regularly.

2 years ago

I just got some Onsen towels for Christmas. They are a very nice aesthetically, but I find the waffle to be sort of rough on my body. The thinness of the towel is nice (especially if you want to use it to wrap your hair) and helps it dry quickly. I've only washed the towels a couple times but so far they are holding up.


Could be softer.

a year ago

The fabric is very high quality and very absorbent. Also dries more quickly than other towels I have, as advertised.


It'd be amazing if the towel were a little bit softer on the skin.

2 years ago

I bought two of the bath sheets. The color is gorgeous and the quality is high. It is important to note, though, that these are not luxurious, thick, soft towels. They are relatively thin, which makes them faster to dry, so best for summer. The sheet size is really large which for a thick towel is probably delicious but for these feels a little like wrapping an actual sheet around you, so I would recommend the normal size towel.

a year ago

Best and most absorbent towels I've ever used. Even my picky boyfriend loves them. They need to add bathmats to their line!

a year ago

Love the towels. Great if you like those that are thin, but because they're breathable, you don't get that luxurious feel.

2 years ago

I am continually delighted by how soft, plush, and absorbent these towels are. I made the switch to Onsen towels from traditional terry cloth and have not looked back. They do their job (drying) quickly and efficiently and are also quite aesthetically pleasing hanging to dry or on a towel rack.


I have caught a jagged nail on the waffle pattern, which led to some snags in the fabric. The snags don't degrade the product performance but it does mar the visual appeal (very, very slightly). That's probably more of an indictment on my nail care than the fabric, but to me it does indicate that the fabric is somewhat precious.