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Onnit sells supplements, weights, and fitness apparel.

ONNIT Reviews

ONNIT reviews


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3 reviews

a year ago

I fall around the 3.5 range. The marketing approach feels somewhat tacky, and I must confess that I was swayed by Joe Rogan's influence to make the purchase. Alpha Brain is decent, but the constant presence of promotional tactics and the implementation of manipulative UX patterns on their website make me hesitant to become a loyal customer.

a year ago

As an avid fan of both Joe Rogan and (separately) nootropics, I actually wasn't crazy impressed with the ONNIT Alpha Brain Memory & Focus supplement. I haven't tried the others yet though. I did notice a little bit of a mellow clarity, and it might be a good beginner brain-nootropic for some people. I know it has raving reviews, and it's also important to consider that anything that works with your brain will work differently for all different types of people (depending on your mental health, medications, or even vitamins you take, as well as your diet and exercise). I liked the feeling on Alpha Brain, but it wasn't exactly the noticeable kick-start I was looking for that I am able to achieve with other brands.


You can try it out yourself for their subscription trial month if you google "ONNIT Alpha Brain Free Trial". They also have a lot of coupons and discounts running.

a year ago

I’ve been a fan for a long while, going back 7-8 years. Some of their stuff is meant for maintenance, so you can’t tell if it’s working or not, but AlphaBrain is something else. When I take it, I’m sharper, on the ball, and can feel it. An incredible nootropic that was ahead of its time. It’s been amazing to see the brand grow. I’ll always have a spot in my heart and supplement pile for Onnit.