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OLD BAY is a unique spice blend of 18 herbs and spices.

OLD BAY Reviews

OLD BAY reviews


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11 reviews

6 months ago

Old Bay is the best seasoning out there. It's great, not only on seafood, but also on chips and fries. It can be a little too salty is overused, but perfect to elevate any seafood dish.

2 months ago

As a born & raised Maryland girly, it was pretty fun to see Old Bay pop up here on Thingtesting! I grew up putting Old Bay on literally everything - seafood, of course, but then pretty much everythnig else too. We put it on all kinds of meat, potatoes of every variety (french fries are my favorite), in salad dressing...the list goes on & on. It's high salt for sure, but it's an incredibly savory spice blend that adds pizzaz to whatever you're cooking, especially if you're grilling. And if you're eating any sort of seafood at all, it's a must have!

3 months ago

As far as seafood seasoning goes, Old Bay is definitely the way to go. While it can be used for many other things, I probably wouldn't recommend it so much. The spices can be a bit strong, so a little goes a long way.

2 months ago

It has a distinct flavor that you can't really compare to any other brand. A little goes a long way though. Great for seafood, not really a fan of how it tastes on chicken. But if you're making a pot boil, definitely grab some Old Bay!

6 months ago

Old Bay makes just about anything taste good. My favorite way to use it is on french fries. Automatically makes them taste so much better! I love the old retro packaging too.

7 months ago

Super flavorful and good on everything— there’s a cult following for a reason!

7 months ago

Versatile seasoning for all types of foods. Easy to use and better than buying each spice/herb individually.