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Oishii grows bright, sweet, perfectly ripe strawberries year round in an indoor vertical strawberry farm. Meet The Omakase Berry.

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High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelTasty 😋Luxury
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The berries were perfectly shaped, and the packaging is a clean aesthetic. But I confess I was a bit disappointed with the flavor: pleasant, sweet, but overall a bit flat and one-note. It made me think of grocery-store-bought strawberries, and for those, these are the best. But given the price, I was hoping for a bit more complex, tart flavor like one gets from good freshly-picked ones.


Stronger flavor for the price.

Cool look & feelLuxury
a month ago

Because the price is high ($30 for 6 berries) I went in with high expectations. The berry is definitely better than normal grocery store strawberries that don't taste like anything, but it's not as good as a wild or farmer's market strawberry. I loved the presentation and experience felt very special but ultimately I wasn't that impressed by the fruit itself. Even though I did eat them all, I wouldn't buy them again.


Maybe explore how to get closer to the tart flavor of wild strawberries? I think right now these are more of a novelty than a realistic repeat purchase.

High qualityInnovative productTasty 😋Luxury
a month ago

Amazing strawberry; it tastes stellar when it's room-temperature (vs straight out of the fridge)


Price is not sustainable for people to purchase long term

4 months ago

Was it one of the best strawberries I've ever had? Probably, do I need to buy it again? No. But if you have the chance to try one of these I recommend you do.

Cool look & feelTasty 😋Luxury
5 months ago