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Of Planet Earth hand makes clothing for women from deadstock materials.

Of Planet Earth Reviews

Of Planet Earth reviews


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3 months ago

To say that I was excited about receiving my order from Of Planet Earth was an understatement. I had saved up to buy the Betty skirt in Black and the Pompeii top in Taupe at the start of February this year. At the time of purchase both items were in stock, however the following week I was notified that they no longer had a skirt in my size available, suggesting I could either get it in a different colour or wait another week before dispatch for them to make a skirt for me. From selecting the latter option I did not hear anything about my order until a month later, despite asking for updates, where now I was notified that whilst my skirt was ready they had run out of fabric for my top. This left me a little frustrated as there was no reports of this issue a month before so it appeared that during that time they had prioritised following orders after mine that had ordered that product in dispatching them. After replying to the Of Planet Earth team, expressing my dissatisfaction and that I would like a refund then to wait an additional 6 weeks before more fabric arrived I was ignored. Once I did manage to contact the team I was notified that I would receive a refund immediately on the 18th of March. After waiting for a week, I notified Of Planet Earth that the refund had not come through. After which, I was informed, rather than giving me my refund, that the team had now managed to find a top in my size that they would send in the following days. Whilst I understand that Of Planet Earth is a small business that works with dead stock material - which could lead to some delays, I see that my experience with the company to be one of confusion, mismanagement and one that has left me the customer feeling unacknowledged. I would love to hear how others experience with the Of Planet Earth team - and hope that in the future I could buy from them again.